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About us

My name is Mariola Wojtasik

Mariola Wojtasik, a visionary florist, established her charming flower shop over 30 years ago, pioneering one of the first Polish florist establishments in the area. With a passion for blooms and a keen eye for design, Mariola has cultivated a reputation for professionalism and a deep love for her craft. Her floral creations not only reflect expertise but also embody the artistry that comes from decades of dedication to bringing beauty into people's lives through the language of flowers.

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Our Services



Custom Floral Arrangements

Personalized floral designs tailored to your occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, funerals or other special events. These arrangements cater to the specific preferences and themes requested by customers.


Event Decor

Includes floral centerpieces, arches, and installations that enhance the aesthetic appeal of weddings, corporate events or parties.



Convenient local flower delivery services ensuring that customers can receive fresh and beautifully arranged flowers to their loved ones or special occasions without the need to visit the shop in person.

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